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Kids Classes

kids classes

Gracie Barra believe that children’s growth exceed when they are instilled with a strong set of values that give them the motivation and perseverance to achieve. Our Gracie Barra Future Champions Program is designed and internationally proven to provide children with core values such as discipline, respect, cooperation, focus and hard work.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a contact sport that challenges your child yet is safe and is under the comforting umbrella of Chorley Gracie Barra. A child learning BJJ not only learns self-defence and conflict resolution but has real skills with behaviour improvement that positively impact in both their home and school life.

Our instructors have a solid past with helping children in their training and providing great benefits.

The benefits of joining the Gracie Barra Chorley Future Champions Program include:

  • Learn the safe Gracie Barra self-defence system
  • Increased discipline, focus and energy
  • Great fitness gains
  • Improves social skills, BJJ relies on interaction
  • Working towards goals and achievements
  • Builds immense self-confidence
  • Be part of a worldwide network of over 600 GB schools

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